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PTFE building material

PTFE architectural fabric/building material

Yaxing has been specializing in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of tensile fabric structures since 1995. We are experienced in both custom design-and-build structures as well as offering a range of pre-designed and pre-engineered Signature Structures.

A workforce of over 100 dedicated personnel contributes over 25 years’ experience in the field of PTFE fabric structures, offering an unrivalled turn-key service.

Yaxing work to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management standards as well as ISO 14001 Environmental standards.  

The beauty of Yaxing’s architecture fabric products is our ability to meet the needs of different locations.


Why PTFE Fabric?


PTFE fabric can achieve far greater spans than conventional building materials, with minimal supporting structure. Greater translucency and dynamic, organic shapes bring the feeling of outside inside, as well as providing shade and protection from the weather.

Tensile structures generate live loads instead of the static loads of traditional roofing materials and modern architectural fabrics offer increased stability and longevity often 20+ years. 

Advantages of using PTFE fabric

There is an economy of cost per square meter, strength and longevity with fabric when compared with concrete and steel construction. The significant cost saving is the reduction in installation time required, as the support structure and fabric membrane is pre-fabricated and assembled on site. 

Tensile fabric shapes breathe life and excitement into a building by blending steel construction with organic forms. Tensile fabric structures provide shade and weather protection using low maintenance materials, reducing UV transmission and controlling solar gain.

Features & Benefits of PTFE Fabric

  • Unique building medium
  • Lightweight and flexible - fabric interacts with and expresses natural forces
  • Tensile fabric structures are an environmentally sensitive medium
  • Tension is the most efficient way of using any material, it utilizes the material at maximum efficiency rather than just the material at the extremes of the cross sectional form, as in bending and compression loads
  • PTFE fabric structures have higher strength/weight ratio than concrete or steel
  • Most fabrics can be recycled
  • A fabric structure can be designed for almost any condition, heavier fabrics and more 3 dimensional forms will cope with extreme wind and snow loads.